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Maed in India (besides being our flagship show) is a podcast production company and consultancy that provides an end-to-end solution for all your audio creation needs. When you think podcasts in India, you think Maed in India. 

From developing the idea, testing show format, planning, production (includes recording, coordination, administration), post-production (editing, sound design, packaging, audio quality control, mixing, mastering), to distribution of the show on all audio streaming platforms (maintaining metadata, show descriptions, tags, episode artwork & data reports), we are your one-stop destination. 


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Let’s take you through it. 

Step 1: Own a phone.

Step 2:

A. If you have an iPhone, hallelujah, you already have a podcast app on your phone. Just search on your phone for 'podcast' and it’ll be there. You can also use other podcast apps, for e.g. Overcast, Spotify etc.

B. If you have an Android phone, you have a choice of podcast apps like Spotify, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher, Gaana, Castbox, etc. Pick any one and download it.


Step 3: Search for the podcast of your choice. For example, we would highly recommend you check out Maed in India, NoSugarCoat & She Says She’s Fine… 


Step 4: You can go to the ‘Browse’ or ‘Discover’ button on podcast apps to peruse all the shows you might find interesting. You can search by 

Category - comedy, business, news, education, science, dating, murder, nail polish

Person - Conan O'Brien, Anna Faris, RuPaul, Snoop Dogg, Russell Brand, your grandma, your tailor, etc

Provider - BBC, NPR, Gimlet, Maed in India, etc


Step 5: Once you find your podcast of choice (this is where it gets really exciting), put your headphones in / put your smart speaker on / connect your aux cable in your car to your mobile and listen to the show! 

TIP: You can listen while you’re driving, exercising, cooking, cleaning, pooping, knitting, pretending to work, etc. 

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