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The show is India's first indie music podcast that showcases the best Indian independent musicians from India. Each episode brings you an artist/band along with an exclusive stripped down session of their original music.


The time has come for India’s homegrown brands to shine. Through this podcast series, media personality Monisha Singh Katial takes you on a journey through the galli-mohalle and local high streets of the country to meet the founders of our most incredible up-and-coming brands. 


Hosted by pastry chef and owner of Le15 Patisserie Pooja Dhingra, this show is a no-holds bar conversation that brings to light the stories behind restaurant walls and kitchen doors.

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LeaderCraft is an exciting weekly podcast series hosted by Poornima Pandey with leaders from within the Tata Group and beyond who share their insights on their leadership philosophies and the lessons learnt on their journey.


A series to help listeners understand the plight of vulnerable children in India. We explores the system of institutional care, fostering, adoption, aftercare and the role NGOs and government institutions play in providing protection to these vulnerable children.

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On the Contrary is a show about listening to people not like us. In every episode, experts share differing perspectives on an issues curtail to India's future.


Comedian Kaneez Surka is on a quest to understand  what is romance through the things that create those fluttering feelings of love; music, food, films, travel, books and more. Join her as she attempts to answer the big question - is romance dead? 

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The Lit Pickers is a podcast that celebrates books and bold opinions. Hosted by writers Supriya Nair and Deepanjana Pal, each episode explores literature, authors and reading. 

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A women's health podcast hosted by gynaecologist, Dr. Munjaal Kapadia. 
The show explores conversations around sex, periods, contraception, miscarriages, IVF, etc in the context of changing lifestyle choices.


Dreamers & Unicorns is a podcast that explores the future of work, workers and workplaces, as part of the New Code of Work series by PeopleStrong. This show brings you conversations with those special people who’ve made their life’s work, their love. 


In this podcast series, Tata Trusts aims to highlight the progress, celebrate the achievements and understand the challenges faced by educators. So let’s understand how to create Kal Ka Classroom.

On Audible Suno

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In this 10-episode series comedian 

Kaneez Surka plays matchmaker to her friends and sets them up on blind dates. Every episode is a postmortem of the date and explores the suspense, intrigue, and awkwardness of modern dating. 


Hosted by stand-up comedian Abish Mathew, every episode features a panel of Unexperts who take down and breakdown everything from their old school teachers to artificial intelligence, ghosts, the apocalypse, family and more.


Hosted by gynaecologist Dr. Munjaal Kapadia, this show aims to take the shame and stigma away from talking about women's health and bodies in the context of changing lifestyle choices, advancements in medical technology, unshackling social taboos and more. 

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In 2026, a highly addictive music app becomes very popular. The government moves fast and bans it, completely unaware that addiction is just a minor problem with the app. It is doing something deeper to human minds - turning them into violent murderers.